How to Go to the Bathroom in a Kigurumi

Festival season is just around the corner and that means brainstorming your best outfits.

This year we've got adorable new onesies like our Pastel Dream Cat Kigurumi Onesie and Pastel Hologram Unicorn Kigurumi Onesie we can't wait to show off at upcoming summer festivals. Because nothing's better than grabbing a drink and listening to your favorite music, while wearing a comfy onesie you'll never want to take off.

If only there wasn't the issue of having to take off that comfy onesie once in a while to you know...go to the bathroom. Well - we've got you covered! Even though our onesies don't come with a butt flap, they're really easy to maneuver, so that you can go to the bathroom in a Kigurumi easily, without taking the whole thing off!

Check out how our Kigurumi Specialist Nathania gets out of her adorable Dinosaur onesie in 4 steps below! This trick is perfect for festivals and camping grounds where you might have to use a porta potty or outhouse. We promise it will keep your Kigurumi protected and soil free (pardon the pun)! 

Step 1: Flip off the hood and start unbuttoning your onesie. 

Step 2: Continue to unbutton your onesie and start taking out your arms from the sleeves, while making sure they don't fall to the floor.

Step 3: Remove your other arm from the sleeve and grab the tail or detail on the back of your Kigurumi. This will help twist the onesie forward, so that you can grab it all in one piece.

Step 4: Bathroom time! Not only is your Kigurumi protected, but you'll still be covered up - just in case anyone walks in on you!

Grab a onesie in time for your next camping trip or festival here