This past weekend, set up shop at Ottawa Pop Expo 2013. We'll recap our magnificent con-adventures for you in a separate post, but first, we wanted so share something special with you guys. This one's for fans of The Walking Dead!

On Sunday, Norman Reedus (aka Daryl Dixon) and his crew stopped by his booth. Apparently, Norman is already the owner of a couple kigurumis, and wanted to add more to his collection. We were certainly happy to oblige...

We followed them behind-the-scenes to where Sarah Wayne Callies (aka Lori Grimes) was waiting to join in on the fun. The two of them were kind enough to let us snap some shots, and here they are!

After donning their onesies.

Such lovely faces! Sarah makes a very pretty wolf, doesn't she?

With some of our crew.

This one speaks for itself...

The lovely Mr. Reedus returned to his autograph booth wearing his kigu, much to the amusement of his fans. Thanks, guys, for being the highlight of our weekend! We hope you love your kigurumis!

In the meantime, the Skeleton is back in stock, so grab it while you can! (Side note: we mentioned how comfy they are to sleep in, and Norman said that he'd slept in his Midnight Cat the night previous. So there you have it, Daryl Dixon sleeps in a onesie. Hahaha!)

Until next time! Stay cosy!