Into the Depths with These Four New Kigurumi!

Animals galore! They are the staple theme of any kigurumi, and are universal to whatever customization that you may need in wearing any of them for any occasion.

Which is why we have a very wide selection of kigurumi that explores all the corners of the world. The sky is the limit as they say. But in this particular case, the opposite direction also rings true. The depths IS the limit!

Just as what we have seen with Snorlax and Charizard, we shall now re-introduce three new kigurumi of the lower depths, plus a new one that balances everything to a tee. 

Whale Kigurumi 


Sure, sea unicorns are dazzling, and aquatic cows are very huggable, but there is a different dimension to the existence of a whale kigurumi. Not obvious you say? What blasphemy! Just the spout alone of this mighty krill feeder is enough to show its dominance to any sea creature that might get in its way.

Experimenter Notes: Side dive flips on bed recommended.


Killer Whale Kigurumi

Step aside shark kigurumi, for you are no longer the apex sea predator on the list! Nah, just kidding. Sharing is for everyone. There will always be a nice, convenient, and warm piece of meat for them to stuff themselves with. Umm, I'm referring to people wearing the kigurumi of course.

Experimenter Notes: Googly eyes always wins against sharp eyes.


Cerberus Kigurumi

So, the ocean depths are still not that deep for you eh. How about we cross the river Styx over there and head straight down to the gates of Tartarus? And no, just because we crossed a river doesn't mean its going to be aquatic-themed again. And what do you mean with the suggestion of pitting this against another fantastic creature in our lineup?

Experimenter Notes: No, don't even try. The two ones on the sides are not hoodies.


Lucky Cat Kigurumi

Wel, well, well... look at the one lucky penny(?) pincher who's included in our list. If anyone's wondering, the bell says "fortune", and the coin says "ten million". Shops often have their own maneki neko figurines as traditional prosperity charms, or at least as warding charms to shoo away bad luck on their businesses. So maybe, just maybe, we could sleep in one to...?

Experimenter Notes: When paired with any unicorn, or pastel dream kigurumi...?

"Sorry, but there's only room for one apex kigurumi in this spot."

So, how would things roll for you? Interested in going to the deepest depths with any of these new kigurumi? Or are you feeling lucky enough to don the mantle of prosperity? I know some of you are already beckoning instinctively at the sight of that ever so popular Japanese Bobtail.

If not well, the world still has lots of different themes to offer!