A Kigurumi Onesie on a Tech Channel? Hell Yes!

Part of the casual nature of doing informal reviews in YouTube is the freedom to present yourself in however neat way that is deemed nice and cool. Comfy is the best, of course, so long everything is kept as presentable as (thematically) possible.

So it was a genuine surprise when I found one of the tech channels I frequently watch feature a kigurumi onesie. Not just any onesie by the way, but a full and complete package of our favorite Charizard kigurumi. It even has two obligatory "fan-service scenes" supporting the original reference! Neat!

Sir Kyle, you may just have needed a random sweater during a cool mid-week, but that is enough to absolutely make my day. All the impromptu tech reviews/tests included, of course.

The boxes of destiny (spoiler: one of them isn't supposed to be there)

We smartphone hogs never really appreciate the classic remote control nowadays, do we?

An auto-translating mouse? Would have been a blast to have in 2002!

Totally unrelated (for our purposes) trippy pastel-colored lamp. Weirdly mesmerizing.

Easter egg number one!

Super convenient power brick that also delivers HDMI signals. Truly a hidden gem, as he said. Also easter egg number two!

Auto-tracking webcam. Pretty expensive, but also pretty dope so it gets a pass.

Yep, 360-degree tracking confirmed, so long as your face is consistently detected.

Source: YouTube