Super Mario Brothers Mario Kigurumi


It's me, the Mario onesie! Have you ever thought Mario was amazing? Did you ever just want to be Mario for a day.... or more? We have a full body Mario onesie for adults. 

This onesie makes you look and maybe even feel like Mario. It's super comfy and one of a kind! It comes with an attached Mario hat/hoodie and the Mario look! 


  • 100% machine washable
  • Made of soft and cozy fleece
  • Red and blue body 
  • A red hoodie that looks like a hat from the front.
  • Adult - full-sized onesie 
Composition: 100% Polyester Fleece  
     Adult Onesie Sizing (in) Regular One Size
    fits 5' and taller
    Shoulder Width 22.5
    Underarm Circumference 49.5
    Waist Circumference  56.5
    Height (shoulder to ankle) 52
    Sleeve Length 19.5
    Shipping to the or ?