Toothless Kigurumi


Be like the original trained dragon himself, and exude your playful side by wearing this exquisitely soft and fluffy Toothless Kigurumi.

When you're wearing this wonderfully designed onesie, replete with its dragon claws, horns, and tail, you may look a bit menacing...however, just like Toothless himself, looks can be deceiving!

Deep down your friends and family know that you are just a big softie who loves nothing more than chilling with friends or spending some quality me-time relaxing.


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 Adult Onesie Sizing (in) Regular One Size
fits 5' and taller
fits 5'11" and taller (not available on all designs)
Shoulder Width 22.5 23
Underarm Circumference 49.5 50.5
Waist Circumference  56.5 58
Height (shoulder to ankle) 52 56
Sleeve Length 19.5 23
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