Tis' The Year of the Dragon Kigurumi!

(Featured image credit by つぶちゃ via Pixiv)

Happy New Year of 2024!

With the coming of the new year, it has been the tradition to feature the next Chinese Zodiac calender creature as the theme for a kigurumi feature post. And this time, it is the year of the dragon.

dragon kigurumi onesie

You shall be dearly missed, dragons.

Though our traditional line up of dragon kigurumi onesies will no longer be available, I hope this can still inspire the mythical spirit within everyone, wishing them, the best of kigurumi onesie tidings for the current year. Plus, we can effectively just go for dinosaur kigurumi onesies anyway.

dinosaur kigurumi onesie, dragon kigurumi onesie

(Image credit by ねことうふ via Pixiv)

Front and center is our promotion girl Asahi Oka! Well, based on the color scheme alone it definitely looks more like a dinosaur kigurumi onesie than anything else. But, a proxy counts. Besides, it's the actual author himself is the one promoting Asahi with the 2024 new year celebrations in mind anyway.

dinosaur kigurumi onesie, dragon kigurumi onesie

(Image credit by ツクノ月 via X)

This one is somewhat closer to the intended design, but the motif seems to be taken from the ceremonial type. You know, the green version that is used for stage dances. Any color scheme wise this still falls under dinosaur kigurumi as per our product lineup.

dinosaur kigurumi onesie, dragon kigurumi onesie

(Image credit by 40原 via X)

Okay, now this one is just straight up blatantly dinosaur in design. You may have remembered master 40hara's rendition of kinako in a reindeer kigurumi. Well, this time we take the same green and yellow elements and turn it into an cute avatar of 2024! Say hello to that cuddly dino she's holding by the way.

pokemon charizard kigurumi onesie

(Image credit by vdelpriore via Instagram)

Wait, whaddya mean Charizard isn't a dragon?!