A Kigurumi Valentine's Day

It's once again that time of the year – we've been busy writing the most adorable notes to send to our loved ones, whether they be family, friends, a crush or our significant others. While it is not to say that we shouldn't be loving one another all the time, Valentine's Day has always been the one day to focus on that, making it the sappiest day each year. Our job here is to make it even more sappier - we're the experts on all things cuddly and cute after all!

We at Kigurumi not only want all lovers to make the most of this day (please eat lots of sweets for us!), but we want to make sure it's a cozy one as well. Because we have all sorts of styles, stepping up your matching game shouldn't be a problem. Take the Purple Narwhal Kigurumi and the Blue Narwhal Kigurumi – No one can resist their magical charm!

Purple XL Blue Regular Narwhal Kigurumi Valentine's Day

Not into sea critters? That's fine – we still got you covered! Keep the day a relaxed and slow one in matching Sloth Kigurumi!

Sloth Kigurumi Candy Valentine's Day

If you're looking to have a more active day, no worries, we know just the thing. Run amok in town in a fierce pair: the Green Dinosaur Kigurumi and Pink Dinosaur Kigurumi are made for you.

Pink and Green Dinosaur Kigurumi Valentine's Day

Whatever your Valentine's Day plans may be, we're sending lots of Kigurumi love your way. Happy Valentine's Day!