Mayoi's Great Winter Kigurumi Peek-a-boo

There are many situations where you can perfectly use a kigurumi. Using it as a mascot costume for your school festival crepe stand shop? Go ahead. Planning a sleepover party with it? Sure. Make a questionable advertisement for it? Do it all the way.

bear kigurumi shockingly met a friend

*startled Mayoi noises*

Scaring people with a kigurumi though, is probably something that you won't immediately think of. After all, how does that even work? Aren't kigurumi visually somewhere... around the exact opposite of what you can call as scary?

"Yup, I'm setting out to surprise people in this kigurumi!"
"Though it seems I've already failed once... with you."

But... that is precisely what another intrepid Acchi Kocchi (あっちこっち) character, Mayoi, has decidedly set out to do with the very raiment of cuteness. According to her explanation to Io at least, who was the first person she tried to scare, and the first that found her wearing the outfit.

bear kigurumi with her friends

Before we begin to narrate the next set of events. Let's take a closer look at Mayoi's kigurumi. As instantly observable, it is a bear kigurumi. In fact, at a glance that's pretty much what you are going to see. 

However, the reason why she was so convinced of being able to scare people with it comes from the little bit of technological genius on her part. As she has demonstrated to Io, the hoodie part can completely transform into a mascot bear head. The bear head is particularly designed to have a sort of nasty look, supposedly making the costume scary, and it did seem that it was going for that unique savage appearance.

The feature is in essence, the full horror(?) of Mayoi's kigurumi, and why she was so convinced that her plan would succeed.

And with that, the "terrifying" kigurumi peek-a-boo spree has begun.

"Nope. I really can't."
"You can actually just stop this if you want to."

Her victim number one was Tsumiki, the main character of our previous kigurumi misadventures within the same series. While Mayoi was successful in hiding her identity, she failed in even inciting the tiniest of reaction from our petite maiden. She was simply unfazed by her kigurumi, and simply found out shortly later who the costumed stranger really was.

"Oh, good morning Mayoi-san...!"
*questionable bear growling noises*

Victim number two was the soft-spoken Hime. She actually almost got Mayoi's identity correct at the first encounter. But alas, it was not meant to be. The sealed kigurumi was visually unsettling on its own for Hime. But as Io pointed out, most of the horror was due to Mayoi's human-like sprinting motion... in what should otherwise have been a four-legged mammal.

bear kigurumi riding a snow cart
bear kigurumi lying in the snow

"Well then, I shall now attempt to scare my next victim using Tsukumi's suggestion."
"That was really... impactful."

Victim number three was Sakaki. Learning from the two previous attempts, and at the suggestion of Tsumiki, Mayoi prepared her snow sled with the intention of riding it full speed towards her next victim. It was a crashing success... literally.

bear kigurumi

"Kikue-sensei spotted! Now, this is a good opportunity for a bonus mission!.
"Alright, count me in!"

After that scuffle, Sakaki learned of everything that Mayoi has done so far. Surprisingly, despite his misfortune, he enthusiastically joined her in her quest to scare as many people as possible with the kigurumi.

"Commencing mission."

He even prepared his own "costume" as her official accomplice. And their last target was none other than their class advisor, Miss Kikue Sakuragawa.

animal kigurumi dragging her friend

*sounds of screaming, screeching, and maniacal laughter*

That last attempt went about as crazy as anyone expected it to be at this point. Terrified out of her wits, Miss Kikue was unable to react at all to the two scary figures, who are now suddenly snow sledding her at full speed towards the school...

Now that's what we can call express delivery.