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Blanket Forts at Atomic Lollipop!

We're teaming up with the superstars at Toronto's Atomic Lollipop (July 14th-15th, 2012) to bring you some very special programming!

"The Kingdom of Comfort is under attack by the Evil Army of Normal Clothing! Quick, the Forces of Fleece must retreat to our fortress of softness! Grab your kigurumis, your pajamas, your blankets, and pillows then meet us deep inside the impenetrable walls of the Blanket Forts! Fear not! For we will be safe inside our besieged castle as long as we have adequate supplies of snacks and games. And it is here, dressed in kigurumis (full-body one-piece Japanese animal pyjamas), that we will wait... and plot... for our eventual battle against all those who oppose the way of comfort."

Atomic Lollipop is a combined convention, music festival, and art experience. With a focus on Japanese youth culture and unique social experiences, the 2-day event offers a multitude of programming and attractions. From hands-on workshops to crazy outdoor activities and an epic all-night party, Atomic Lollipop is a unique convention experience designed for people who love to socialize, create, and play. 

Get your tickets and onesies ready, Toronto...we'll see you at the forts!

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