Can Kigurumi Be Sexy?

The classic kigurumi is cute, cuddly and just a little bit whimsical. And, yet, there are a surprising number of people out there trying to make the kigurumi sexy. You’ve probably seen the images on social media of people wearing tight-fitting kigurumi animal onesies, or of girls dressed in what can best be described as kigurumi mini-skirts. So that raises the inevitable question: Can the kigurumi be sexy? 

Probably the best way to answer that question is that the kigurumi can be anything you want it to be. It works best as casual loungewear, or as a fun, whimsical way to spice up the everyday workweek or school week. But there are also a lot of people buying kigurumi specifically as costumes, especially for events like Halloween. 

And this link with Halloween might just be where the sexy is being put into the kigurumi. Think about the outfits that are bestsellers every Halloween – there’s the sexy nurse outfit, the sexy maid outfit, the sexy pirate outfit, the sexy, well, you get the idea. It’s not enough anymore just to be a nurse, you have to be a sexy nurse. Around the winter holidays, you’ll see “sexy Santa” outfits as people try to make Christmas sexy. And, of course, the “sexy cat” costume has been a staple of Halloween costume parties for decades. So what difference, really, is there between a “sexy cat” and a sexy cat kigurumi? 

Consider, too, that one of the most beautiful women in the world – supermodel Cara Delevingne – is known to be a huge supporter of the whole kigurumi trend.

tiger kigurumi

She’s been photographed in kigurumi heading out to Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, as well as during Paris Fashion Week. So if it’s sexy enough for a supermodel, hey, who are we to say that other people can’t rock a sexy animal onesie? 

And don’t forget – the root origins of the cute, cuddle kigu of today are actually in anime and manga, when people loved to dress up as their favorite characters. And guess what? Many of those characters happen to be very sexy female characters like Sailor Moon. So maybe there’s an inherent “sexiness” built into the very concept of the kigurumi that most people don’t even realize. 

There might be one more reason why some people are trying to make the kigurumi sexy – women love confident men (and vice versa), and there’s nothing more confident than a man who’s willing to wear a pair of adult pajamas out and about in public. It’s hard not to exude a sense of “I don’t care what the world is thinking about me right now” when you’re hanging out in a dinosaur kigu while riding the subway. 

Remember, too, dressing in a kigurumi is all about letting one’s personality shine through, and to show a side of yourself that others might not know about. And that can be extremely sexy. Plus, well, when you’re wearing a full-length fleece onesie, you just feel like snuggling – and what could be sexier than snuggling up with that special someone in front of the fireplace during a cold winter night? So maybe it’s not that the onesie itself is so sexy – it’s that it leads to the right kinds of situations for romantic sparks to fly. 

Plus, it’s always fantastic when people post photos of couples dressed in matching kigus. There’s something aesthetically pleasing and heart-warming about a couple dressed in matching blue and pink unicorn kigus, for example, or a couple dressed in complementary dog and cat kigus. Two people in love, and enjoying time with each other, all while dressed in kigurumi? Yes, we can get behind that sexy concept.