Sisters, Cats, and Kigurumi: The Perfect Cute Combo

We can probably all agree that kigurumi is the very definition of wearable cuteness. Even more so, if that package comes both internally, and externally!

Kaede Azusagawa with her full panda kigurumi

Therefore, there is possibly no way, that Kaede Azusagawa wouldn't be known without her strikingly distinct and instantly noticeable panda kigurumi. The reserved and shy little sister of protagonist Sakuta Azusagawa, of the light novel and now-anime series Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (青春ブタ野郎はバニーガール先輩の夢を見ない), combines her giddy enthusiasm and reserved bashfulness in her lovable demeanor. 

Sure, her initial energetic-but-introverted "imouto" (little sister) attitude may be leaning on the side of too anime-typical, probably even a wee bit annoying, but she goes on to win the hearts of many of the anime and light novel's viewers and readers regardless.

Panda kigurumi studying

Now, our own Panda Kigurumi might be a lot more faithful to the animal's original colors (in fact it resembles a rather smaller type of animal in our own catalog), but Kaede sure has put her own cute spin on her version. Not that we would ever doubt that it will be cute based on her existence alone, but this combination simply makes it an exponentially wonderful thing to behold.

And yes, pairing her with the Azusagawa family's pet cat (and later with Hayate) just makes the combination all the more wholesome.

Panda kigurumi playing with her cat
Panda kigurumi with her cat
Panda kigurumi baby sitting her two lovely cats

To be fair, she does start wearing her kigurumi a lot less after the resolution of her personal conflicts in both the original light novels and in the anime adaptation. But for the most part, you can still enjoy every bit of her appearance throughout most of the anime series in her regular adorable attire.

Kaede Azusagawa beautiful smile with her panda kigurumi

In fact, if you are interested to see so much more than just her panda kigurumi, we highly recommend watching the entire series! Because if you ever find yourself doubting Aobuta from its weirdly specific title, don't.

Give the series a try, and we guarantee you to have a wholesome experience worth a lot higher than you would ever give it an initial impression for.