Spotlight Alert: A Certain Ilana Sighted with a Kigurumi!

We interrupt your regular viewing with a very brief news flash!

One Miss Ilana Glazer has been spotted this last Halloween wearing an iconic classic (well, to land animals anyway), the bovine specialty that is the cow kigurumi! Yup, the very one that played that partygoing extrovert lady from Broad City herself!

Ilana Glazer in her full cow kigurumi

So why exactly a cow kigurumi, you ask? Good question, but beats me! Maybe you can ask that expert-looking and absolutely dashing cowboy on the foreground. But wait, why do you even need a reason to wear a specific kigurumi during Halloween anyway?!

Ohh, that's why.

In any case, we've delivered the news, and off comes the goods!

See you next Halloween!

Source: Instagram