Treading the Path of Tankery with a Kigurumi

It takes dedication to achieve the best with your hobbies. But sometimes, what you get isn't what you can always use for it.

animal kigurumi smiling

"I'm glad someone was finally able to wear it!"

This was sadly the truth that Miho Nishizumi of Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァー) had to face when she bought her own kigurumi. Fortunately, a new acquaintance with the same passion for her favorite mascot character comes along to finally make good use of it. Meet Alice Shimada, the genius overall commander of the All-Stars University Tankery team.

"You can have it. Don't worry, I'll come back here."

Both Miho and Alice love the series' in-universe mascot character Boco. Like, they absolutely adore the character. One has a huge collection of goods and items related to Boco, while the other is willing to put herself on the line to prevent a Boco-themed establishment from closing down.

The events that led to Alice wearing the kigurumi started when she went to Ooarai Girls High School for an observational visit. Miho explained that at the time she bought the item, it was the only largest available, a size that is (understandably) meant only for children.

Being younger than Miho and having a smaller stature, Alice fit into the kigurumi quite easily. As Miho saw her wear the kigurumi, she then remarked that it was nice to finally see the kigurumi being worn by someone.

*furious stomping TV sound effects*

Of course, like good buddies suddenly finding out the shared interests of one another, both Miho and Alice spent the entire evening afterward at her place doing Boco stuff.

animal kigurumi standing straight and smiling

If we classify this kigurumi normally, we would identify it straight as a teddy bear kigurumi. However, the bear motif was designed from an in-universe character. As such, this classifies more accurately as a licensed character kigurumi. Which is exactly like this one.

"A blank shot?!"

Girls und Panzer is a series that yet again shows us not to judge a book easily by its cover. Outward cutesy aside, every action during Tankery matches in the series can take you at the edge of your seat, and often the outcomes of these battles end in a very satisfying way physics-wise both visually and tactically.

Though to be fair, the specifics of Tankery as an in-universe "martial art" can only be appreciated in its complete form by those who already have a direct inclination towards tank knowledge and research.

"I award this to you as a medal."

... like those two talented Tankery enthusiasts who love awesomely worn and torn teddy bears.