Post Pandemic Discontinued Kigurumi

If you stumbled upon this article chances are you are looking for your most love kigurumis, fingers cross that they are not on the discontinued list! 

As you probably know, every year we must say goodbye to some kigurumi just as we welcome new ones. While I hate disappointing you guys, this year the following kigurumi are being discontinued;

    • Flying Squirrel Kigurumi
    • Flying Squirrel Kigurumi X-Tall
    • Rabbit Kigurumi 
    • Chipmunk Kigurumi
    • Peacock Kigurumi
    • Purple Kids Narwhal Kigurumi 
    • Chameleon Kigurumi 
    • Rooster Kigurumi 
    • Felyne Kigurumi
    • Mega man Kigurumi