RECAP: Ottawa Pop Expo 2013

Happy holidays, kigurumi fans! We hope you're all bundled up in your onesies, sipping hot chocolate as you read this... And if not, maybe you should be! (The author of this post may or may not be doing exactly that, so some bias may be present).

Anyway, guess what we did earlier this month? That's right: the first annual Ottawa Pop Expo. Taking place at the Ernst & Young Centre on Dec. 7th & 8th, this convention debuted with over 7000 in attendance! Colour us impressed.

It was loads of fun, and we want to share our pictures with you! You've probably already seen our extra-special Walking Dead post, so we'll leave that out of this one... but if you haven't, you'll want to!

We set up shop on Friday night and early Saturday morning, and the eerie quiet before the guests come pouring in didn't last long. This is what the booth looks like, for those of you who haven't been able to come say hi in person just yet :)
 All those beautiful kigus! Notice the mirror. Trying on is a must. 

 The calm before the storm! And Maria looking adorable in a Stitch onesie.

 Check out this unlikely duo. Sulley and his firey pals ain't no one to mess with. Only one of these monsters is pocket sized.

 Another pair you wouldn't catch in nature!

We think she likes it. Unicorn transformation = complete.

 Cookie Monster!

This isn't genetically possible, but sshh... so cute. Look at that mischievous smile! Fitting for a fox!

We went exploring the convention grounds and came across some rather spectacular characters.

Like this guy...
Who looks more stylish than despicable. Do minions even have skeletons, let alone adamantium ones?

 We were buzzing with excitement when we saw how well-made this one was. To infinity and beyond!

 Can you guess which ones are ours? Hint: look for fuzzy ears.

 Rilakkuma and Ewok = automatic besties.

 Disco Storm Troopers too, apparently.

 Oh my!

 Sugar, spice, and everything nice about these costumes! These three Powerpuff Girls really pulled off the personalities well.

 Well if it isn't Ernie Hudson! This guy was awesome. Apparently some ghosts needed bustin' in Ottawa.

 Jawa! The details on this one are fantastic, if not a little creepy!

 We would definitely vote these two in as Prom King and Queen. Check out Batman's cape.

 Massively Effective cosplay.

 The Scarlet Witch!

 Yaya Han is so sweet! And so talented! We fell in love.

We also stumbled across a pretty brutal display of strength in one corner of the convention floor. C*4, aka Capital City Championship Combat, is an independent professional wrestling organization that decided to demo their skills at Pop Expo, which made for some pretty entertaining shots.

This isn't going to end well.

This probably isn't either...

Noticing a trend here.

Anyway, that's our recap of this year's Pop Expo! We were pumped to participate, and you can be sure to catch us there next year. Hopefully we'll have just as much fun in 2014!

Although it'll be hard to beat this. :)

 Proximity does weird things to people. Note: Only one of these hair colours is not natural.

Thanks for reading, and stay cosy!