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Saying goodbye to more old friends

It's never fun saying goodbye but sometimes we must. I regret to tell our fans that these kigurumi will no longer be available for purchase.
  • Brown Teddy Bear Kigurumi
  • Chicken Kigurumi
  • Cute Tiger Kigurumi
  • Hamster Kigurumi
  • Pink Hanyo Usagi Kigurumi
  • Hello Kitty Eternal Pink Kigurumi
  • Horse Kigurumi
  • Kids Bat Kigurumi
  • Kids Chicken Kigurumi
  • Kids Dasiy Duck Kigurumi
  • Kids Donald Duck Kigurumi
  • Kids Hamster Kigurumi
  • Kids Japanese Monkey Kigurumi
  • Kids Mickey Mouse Kigurumi
  • Kids Minnie Mouse Kigurumi
  • Kids My Melody Kigurumi
  • Kids Olaf Kigurumi
  • Kids Winnie the Pooh Kigurumi
  • Kids Purple Unicorn Kigurumi
  • Kids Cute Tiger Kigurumi
  • Kids Unicorn Kigurumi
  • Kids White Unicorn Kigurumi
  • KoRilakkuma Short-Sleeved Kigurumi
  • Leopard Kigurumi
  • Little Green Man (terrycloth) Kigurumi
  • Magenta Owl Kigurumi
  • Monkey Kigurumi
  • Mouse Kigurumi
  • Scrump the Doll (terrycloth) Kigurumi
  • Chip Kigurumi
  • Goofy Kigurumi
  • Kids Daisy Duck Kigurumi
  • Kids Purple Dinosaur Kigurumi
  • Kids Super Mario Brothers Luigi Kigurumi
  • Kids Super Mario Brothers Mario Kigurumi
  • Kids Super Mario Brothers Yoshi Kigurumi
  • Kuromi Kigurumi
  • Mickey Mouse Kigurumi
  • Mukku Kigurumi
  • My Melody Kigurumi
  • Pink Dinosaur X-Tall Kigurumi
  • Pink Unicorn X-Tall Kigurumi
  • Pompompurin Kigurumi
  • Reindeer Kigurumi
  • Shishimai Kigurumi
  • Snake Kigurumi
  • Sushi Costume Green Tea Kigurumi
  • Usavich Kirenenko Kigurumi
  • Usavich Putin Kigurumi
  • Wolf Kigurumi

But the good news is that we're always welcoming new kigurumi friends as well so check them out! And if you're lucky you may find some of these still available on our Last Chance Kigurumi page

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