The Celebrity Onesie Showdown

There seems to be a new Hollywood craze going on these days. Celebrities have been spotted sporting some cozy fashions we definitely approve of. If you're wondering what those awesome animal onesies are - then you've come to the right place!

Welcome to the magical world of Kigurumis! These adorable and hilarious animal costumes are undeniably fun. No wonder so many celebs have been spotted wearing them. Read on and let us know which celebrity wore their onesie the best!

Celebrity Onesie Spotting #1: Miley Cyrus in a Blue Unicorn Kigurumi

Miley cyrus in unicorn onesie

If you didn't already know, Miley Cyrus is notorious for dressing up in fun and outrageous costumes. I mean the fact that she basically just boarded off a plane tells you that this girl is down for a good time - especially in that rocking onesie. We think the unicorn kigurumi looks great on her, but accessorizing it with a giant rainbow seahorse plush? Stop.

Celebrity Onesie Spotting #2: Margot Robbie in a Kangaroo Kigurumi 

Margot Robbie jumping in kangaroo onesie

If you haven't had the chance to catch Margot Robbie on "SNL" this past weekend or haven't check out our featured article this past week, then you may have not guessed that Robbie is another celeb who's embracing the onesie lifestyle. Although Robbie is known for more serious roles, she definitely has a laissez-faire personality and style. Check out her hopping in a kangaroo kigurumi - which is more than fitting for the Australian actress.

Celebrity Onesie Spotting #3: Chloe Moretz in a Fierce Tiger Kigurumi

Chloe Moretz in a fierce tiger onesie

The "Kickass" star really has grown up! Here you can see her bringing out her badass self in a Fierce Tiger onesie - complete with "West Side" hand signs. We think she looks absolutely amazing and ready for a fun night out with friends.  

Celebrity Onesie Spotting #4: Lindsey Stirling in a Flying Squirrel Kigurumi

Lindsey Stirling in a flying squirrel onesie

If you're currently asking yourself who's Lindsey Stirling, then you have to check this girl out. Not only is she one of the most badass violinists out there, but she's known to collect a few kigurumis here and there like Pikachu. Plus she totally gets brownie points for getting her makeup artist to dress up in a Panda onesie. 

Now it's over to you guys - which celebrity do you think wore it best? Let us know on our social media!