13 Reasons To Own a Kigurumi

The kigurumi continues to gain in popularity outside of its original home in Japan, especially in North America, where celebrities and top entertainers have embraced the kigurumi as a fashion accessory for their public appearances. But you don’t need to be an A-list celebrity to have fun wearing a kigurumi. Part of the reason for the widespread appeal of the kigurumi around the world is its flexibility and adaptability for a wide variety of activities. With that in mind, here are the Top 11 13 reasons to buy a kigurumi...



Kigurumi Snuggling

Reason #1: Snuggling


The best reason for buying a kigurumi is simply the chance to snuggle up with a friend or loved one. The super-soft fleece of a kigurumi is almost tailor-made for snuggling up on a cold winter night and keeping each other warm. Each adult onesie is loose-fitting enough that you’ll feel perfectly at home snuggling on a couch under some warm blankets.

 Kigurumi Costume

Reason #2: Costume parties


Not sure what to wear to a costume party? Whether it's a birthday party or a bar crawl, try wearing an adult onesie featuring your favorite cartoon, manga or anime character. Across social media, you’ll find plenty of photos of entire groups of friends, all hanging out in their onesies before heading out to a party. A kigurumi is warm enough that you don’t need to wear a jacket or coat over it. This makes it perfect for an evening pub crawl or a late night outdoor party. And a kigurumi is so festive that you’re going to be the life of any party that you attend. Turn any party into a costume party with a kigurumi.

 Kigurumi Cosplay

Reason #3: Cosplay


Before the kigurumi tipped into the cultural mainstream, they were primarily used for cosplay. If you didn’t have a kigurumi, you’d have to make your own cosplay outfit entirely by hand. But now it’s possible to find a kigurumi for just about any character you’d like to dress up as. At major conventions featuring comic book heroes like ComicCon, it’s quite likely that you’ll run across event participants dressed up in kigurumis. It all adds to the fun, excitement and overall context of the event.

 Kigurumi Winter Sports

Reason #4: Winter sports


If you’re heading out to the ski slopes, you might want to pack along your kigurumi. You’ll likely see plenty of skiers and snowboarders dressed in their kigurumis at the top of the mountain, as well as the mountain lodge après ski for a little hot chocolate and relaxation with friends. You have plenty of range of motion with a kigurumi, which is what makes this adult onesie such a popular option with winter sports enthusiasts. When you’re getting ready for a long powder run or a little freestyling on the slopes, you want to feel as good as you look.

 Kigurumi Pajamas

Reason #5: Sleeping


A kigurumi is warm and soft enough that many people decide to take them to bed at night. Think of the kigurumi as a new kind of sleeping bag, with just enough room and flexibility to keep you comfortable, all while locking in your body’s natural heat.

 Kigurumi Chilling

Reason #6: Hanging out


What people love about the kigurumi is that you don’t need a special occasion to wear one. Even if you’re just lounging around the home or hanging out with friends and family, you can put on a kigurumi and make any day a little more special. When you’re wearing a kigurumi, you’re signaling that you’re someone who doesn’t take life too seriously.

 Kigurumi Gaming

Reason #7: Video gaming


Serious video gamers enjoy wearing kigurumis. The cozy, comfortable onesies are perfect for hours-long sessions in front of the video gaming console. Moreover, some of the most popular kigurumi outfits actually come from the world of video games. So invite a few of your friends, put on your favorite kigurumi outfits, and enjoy a long afternoon of video gaming.

 Kigurumi Instagram

Reason #8: Instagram


You didn’t think we’d forget about social media, did you? Instagram is the place to go for new visual inspiration. You’ll often encounter photos with the #hellokigurumi hashtag showing novel uses of the adult onesie, or photos of kigurumis snapped in strange or unexpected places. If you’re looking to gain a little viral momentum with a fun Instagram photo, try dressing up in your favorite kigurumi, adding a retro filter, and letting the Interwebs work their magic. (It’s a strategy that has worked for top celebs and entertainers looking to get their fan bases talking, commenting and liking!)

 Kigurumi Music Festival

Reason #9: Music festivals


One of the most popular reasons to put on a kigurumi is to enjoy a music festival in style. Since kigurumis are warm enough to wear as standalone outfits, without any extra jackets or coats, they are perfect for early spring, fall, and winter music festivals. In the UK, for example, there is entire sub-genre of kigurumi wearing based around music festivals. In fact, some music festivals have become, in essence, kigurumi-only events, in which you need to show up in a kigurumi costume in order to attend.

 Kigurumi Kawaii

Reason #10: Looking kawaii


In Japan, where the kigurumi originated, there is an entire culture of kawaii (or “cuteness”). Perhaps the best-known example of kawaii is Hello Kitty. And that’s why adult onesies from manga and anime shows are so popular – many of them are directly influenced by this culture of kawaii. Oversized eyes, long tails, and cute ears are just some of the kawaii-influenced details found on each and every kigurumi.

 Kigurumi Netflix

Reason #11: Netflix


If you’re looking to catch up on your favorite TV show or binge-watch a Netflix show from the beginning, why not do so while dressed up as one of your favorite characters? Suddenly, it’s a lot more fun to Netflix and chill. A lazy weekend day is a good a reason as any to put on a kigurumi and enjoy a movie or TV show.

Reason #12: Halloween


Look, Kigurumi are quite simply the best halloween costume you can ever buy. They're just so fun and simple. Truly the easiest costume as well. Just pop it on and you're done. Okay, maybe you'll want to add some makeup or face paint. MAYBE. But that's very optional.

I've personally never been a costume party where a Kigurumi was not the perfect move. I'm a last-minute kind of person. I procrastinate until the last minute. But with a kigurumi I never stress about my costume. No hassle trying to find all the parts for my costume. No endless brainstorming. ☺️

Reason #13: Christmas Gift

And finally, lucky reason #13. Kigurumi make the best Christmas gift! Who isn't delighted to dress as a fun animal or character? And, you can never have all the kigurumi, so they're basically an unlimited gift as well. One every year for a lifetime!

And, they're even better when everyone is wearing one and you're all kigurumi-ing together. All your friends and family gathered round the tree, couch or table wearing the snuggliest onesie ever!




As you can see, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a kigurumi. From hanging out with your friends, to attending  a costume party or festival, there’s always a good reason to wear an authentic SAZAC kigurumi.