When Your Friend Wears the Kigurumi You Least Expect: Part 2

So was that the end of Kyoko's kigurumi party? As the existence of this very article implies, most definitely not.

"Just leave it to me!"

In fact, the entire main cast of YuruYuri (ゆるゆり) except for Chizuru all get their very own kigurumi, courtesy by none other than Miss Tomato herself. Own kigurumi, as in each of them having a different theme and design...that is most likely deliberately chosen for each of them.

As for the backstory of this turn of events, there isn't much really to it this time. Summer, camping, a yearning to do something different. Kyoko finding some weird stuff interesting, declaring something outrageous, with everyone going along despite their initial protests.

Once again though, at this point in the series you have to ponder about just where does Kyoko get all these kigurumi. Somewhere online perhaps?

animal kigurumi outside in the woods

"A sheep, and a dog. Are we grazing for pasture?"

If there is something needed to be shown in detail, it would be none other than all the featured kigurumi! As usual, the amusement club four dons their kigurumi from their last school overnight party. For the first commentary about these, you may go back to part one.

Now for the rest of the other camping participants:

sheep kigurumi getting upset
sheep kigurumi standing outside the tent

Ayano was given the sheep kigurumi to wear. A pretty interesting choice for the tsundere student council president, given her attitude towards the very person that gave her this kigurumi.

animal kigurumi standing outside
sloth kigurumi

Her partner, Chitose, gets the sloth kigurumi. Her (outwardly) timid personality and softspoken demeanor kind of fits the theme of her kigurumi, though obviously not when she's fantasizing.

chicken kigurumi raising her two hands
animal kigurumi laughing at each other

Sakurako gets the chicken kigurumi, which she is more than happy to wear and keep. Wait, is this a reference to her constantly being noisy around Himawari?

rabbit kigurumi raising her right hand
rabbit kigurumi sleeping

Himawari takes the rabbit kigurumi. Sakurako comments that she's not cute enough for the rabbit theme, an opinion which we believe does not reflect the actual thoughts of the viewers.

character kigurumi

And lastly, we have... nope, it's just Kyoko being Kyoko.

animal kigurumi eating in the table

"I live alone, but I'm not really alone much, thanks to a certain someone."

Eventually, the rest of the girls had seemingly settled on using their kigurumi whenever they hold overnight parties. The first years on one end, and the second years at the other. Though it is weird that Sakurako and Himawari already owned the kigurumi and wore them by default, while Ayano and Chizuru still had to receive them again from Kyoko a second time.

animal kigurumi talking with her friends

"Don't mind us. All of you just have fun over there okay?"

On an interesting note, it is quite impressive how Akari's sister Akane still maintains her composure while seeing her dear little sister in a kigurumi. That's next-level dedication for you.

animal kigurumi dancing in the room

"Umm, Himawari, Sakurako...Chinatsu?"

And so, we witness the last of Kyoko's kigurumi parties in anime...for now.