Kigurumi is the Secret Weapon of Training Camps

When it comes to training camps, the responsibility of whatever goal it is that the group is trying to do only comes as a second priority. Why? Because the trip itself is the main attraction!

The climax(?) of which, is spending the last few hours of the day at whichever lodging your group is staying in. And if given the opportunity to get into any sleepwear, don't hesitate. Brave it out and show off that flashy kigurumi like Nogi Sonoko!

"Do I have any special moves to use that I can combo with theirs?"
"Nope. Just open your shield and run like hell, Sonocchi."

This training camp not like any other. Cliché, I know. Usually these kinds of events are for more intensive activities of typical school clubs, often in preparation for a bigger event. Like sports clubs prepping for nationals, or drama clubs rehearsing a performance at a later school festival.

But for Sumi, Sonoko, and Gin, intensive becomes a massive understatement for their "club activities." Due to their recent reckless behavior fighting the Vertex baddie of the day, their advisor, Mrs. Aki sent them to training camp in order to better hone their coordinative tactics.

"But, Mrs. Aki we've just started episode two!"
"Precisely. You are already a third your way through this seas— Never mind."

Mind you, these girls aren't exactly at odds with each other. Even for the more reserved and worrywart Sumi, being suspicious and scheming of their motives isn't exactly part of the genre. They don't cooperate well simply because they are not accustomed to perfectly combining their abilities in battle.

"You know, it feels like Sumi's the only one doing something the entire session."
"Well ecxuuuse me for being the melee DPS here."

As such, the training camp was designed specifically to force each of them to time their moves in support of each other. One hit, and the round starts all over again. The trial ends when they successfully deflect, block, or evade everything until they reach the target object at the end.

Even for what simply seems as glorified volleyball shooting machines, the training was still somewhat intense. Like a bonus round in a brawler game, or like an optional mode in an action game.

"Not sure if I'm to be impressed, or to be insulted at Sonocchi's half-asleep answer."

In addition to ordinary Hero training sessions, they were also subjected to other types of training, most of which is completely beyond the specialty of Gin (hint: thought quantity). Though as with most anime/manga training camps, food is always scrumptiously available.

"By the way, you girls are going to have to clean up the mess as well."
"Dang, I knew it!"

By the end of the day, after doing more trials, but more importantly after becoming more familiar with each other, they successfully beat Mrs. Aki's platform, and hit the target at the very end.

animal kigurumi sleeping

"Bringing all my stuff here, makes it feel like home already."

Now that we've conveniently rushed the details earlier that day, this is the point where we introduce Sonoko's secret arsenal, and where our discussion hits its actual point of interest (as usual). Because among the mountain of things she brought at the training camp, she included her signature chicken kigurumi!

animal kigurumi walking out in her bed

"Gin, this is a training camp, not a field trip. So no late sleepovers.
... but chatting is allowed, of course."

As expected, her chicken kigurumi has all the special outlines that fowl-designed kigurumi typically have. From the elongated hoods, the material variation of the red comb, wider size of the main body, up to that every-so-familiar winged sleeves. Sonoko's chicken kigurumi does what your octopus kigurumi can also do at a competitive level, and that is to give the illusion of a single, wide body for the entire clothing.

animal kigurumi showing her scared look

"Wait, are they going after us if we don't sleep early?!"
"Uhh, I'm pretty sure you're thinking of a completely different culture."

There are several distinctions as well, though. For one thing, the beak isn't incorporated as part of the entire hood, it's just a tiny design component attached on top. This is in contrast to what we have seen so far in Futaba's chick kigurumi, Yayoi's guest chicken kigurumi,  Franchouchou's promotional chicken kigurumi, and even the penguin kigurumi of the entire White team.

animal kigurumi lying in the bed
animal kigurumi waking out in the bed

"By the way, what's with that outfit, Sonocchi?"
"It's themed after my favorite food, so I'm 'dressed' for the occasion!"

As for the reason why she likes chicken kigurumi is well... she simply likes grilled chicken. Yup, that's all.

animal kigurumi listening in her friend

"Why don't we talk about our crushes then? I bet you're all for each other usual eh?"
"Yeah, tell me something new next time, doting big sis."

In any case, their pajama party slowly but surely mellowed down into a bedtime discussion. The typical topic of crushes is brought up by Gin of all people, though everyone simply cheated their way into giving the safest of answers, both for themselves and for the audience. This is still YuYuYu after all.

animal kigurumi sleeping in her bed

"Sonocchi... don't bring cabinets and drawers on our next trip, okay?" "Eh?"

After that short discussion, they finally ended the chat, and proceeded to sleep. But not before Sonoko unleashes her final weapon... a tabletop planetarium. Who knows how many more trinkets would she pull out if the training camp had gone longer.

"Why in the world are we doing this 'latecomer' scene again? That Gin never learns."

The next day had them coming back home as soon as they can, concluding the first part of the entire episode.

As for what happened on the second half, let's just say their training kind of paid off. Another Vertex appeared, they applied their advanced coordination strategies, and eventually won, though still not without considerable injuries. Oh, and Sumi is also slowly realizing that she's probably not cut out to be the protagonist of this show.

And what about the whole Sumi/Sonoko stalking incident? Silly, there are no stalkers in the world of Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru!