Kigurumi are the epitome of cozy! They're meant to hang very loosely, and are designed to have low crotches and extra bagginess for maximum comfort. The Regular One Size is ideal for people 5'0"-5'11". For people over 5'11", we've brought in some X-Tall styles just for you! As you browse our designs, you will see how the Kigurumi hang differently on our models of different heights and sizes.

If you're a plus size person, you'll also enjoy our "X-Tall" Kigurumi as they're also larger.

 Adult Kigurumi Sizing  Regular One Size 
fits 5' and taller
fits 5'11" and taller (not available on all designs)
Shoulder Width 1'10" 1'11"
Underarm Circumference


Waist Circumference  4'9" 4'10"
Height (shoulder to ankle) 4'4" 4'8"
Sleeve Length 1'8" 1'11"


 Kids Kigurumi Sizing  Age 5-9
Shoulder Width 1'9"
Underarm Circumference 4'2"
Waist Circumference  4'3"
Height (shoulder to ankle) 3'1"
Sleeve Length 1'1"